A platform has been launched where economic operators can apply for gas offsets PUBLIC .MD


The Ministry of Economy informs the economic agents about the launch of the platform on which the applications for obtaining gas compensations can be submitted. The application can be submitted through the one-stop shop for electronic reporting – https://raportare.gov.md/. Non-household consumers who purchase from natural gas suppliers and whose payments for natural gas (excluding VAT), consumed monthly, represent at least 5% of the sales volume for that month are eligible for compensation.

The compensation will be 100% of the difference due to the increase of regulated prices for the supply of natural gas, but not more than 1.5 million lei per consumer. Compensation for the first 500 cubic meters consumed per month will be excluded from the compensated amount.

Basic activities of non-household consumers seeking compensation is carried out in areas such as: growing vegetables and melons, roots and tubers; Raising birds; processing and preserving of fruits and vegetables; manufacture of dairy products and cheeses; manufacture of milling products, starch and starch products; bread making; manufacture of fresh cakes and pastries; manufacture of macaroni, noodles, couscous and other similar flour products; manufacture of animal feed preparations; manufacture of carpets and rugs; manufacture of articles of clothing, except fur articles; manufacture of clothing by knitting or crocheting; tanning and dressing of leather; manufacture of travel and leather goods and harness; fur preparation and dyeing; footwear manufacturing; manufacture of glass and glassware; manufacture of building materials from clay; pig breeding.

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