A woman is killed in front of her children in the Porto Seguro neighborhood in Paranaguá •


A 30-year-old woman was executed in front of her children at dawn on Monday, 11, in the Porto Seguro neighborhood, in Paranaguá. The victim’s mother told police that her five-year-old grandson saw two men enter the house and murder Aline Fernanda Camargo Correa.

Aline was sleeping with her children when she was murdered at home. Photo: Reproduction Facebook

At around 0:50 am, teams of the Military Police (PM), belonging to Rádio Patrulha Auto (RPA), were called to respond to a firearm shooting situation, on Reinir Mariano de Miranda street, in the Porto Seguro neighborhood. As soon as the military arrived at the residence, they found Aline lying on the couch and with the death already verified by the medical team of the Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU). The young woman’s mother, when she learned of the crime, went to the house and followed the police work. She told the military that her grandchildren, a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old, were sleeping with Aline and that two men broke into the house, shot her, took a cell phone and fled.

During the incident, a second 22-year-old victim was admitted to the Litoral Regional Hospital (HRL), with gunshot wounds to one of the legs. Asked what had caused the aggression, the boy said he went to Aline’s house to get two bags of cocaine, being surprised by the shooters who fired two shots at him and told him to leave. Wounded, he looked for help and heard several shots inside the house. The crime scene was isolated by the PM until the arrival of forensics and criminalistics who analyzed the place of death, releasing the body for collection by the Legal Medical Institute (IML) of Paranaguá.


A woman is killed in front of her children in the Porto Seguro neighborhood in Paranaguá, JB Litoral - Latest news from Paranaguá and the coast of Paraná

The case will be investigated by the Civil Police of Parangauá. With Aline’s death, the number of homicides rose to 16 in Paranaguá. On the coast, 30 violent deaths have already been recorded by the PM in 2022.

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