Agreement between Febraban and PF seeks safer cyberspace


Faced with the increase of more than 100% in cyberattacks on bank data, the decision seeks greater exchange of information between organizations

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Recently, the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) signed a technical cooperation agreement (ACT) with the Federal Police (PF) to jointly develop preventive, educational and repression measures against cyber crimes and high-tech attacks in search of a safer cyberspace.

The agreement formalized by the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Anderson Gustavo Torres, and the president of FEBRABAN, Isaac Sidney, provides for greater collaboration between the financial sector and the Federal Police in relation to the subject, with the exchange of information on cyber space, exchange of data and technical and logistical support.

Data Protection
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The development of technical and professional studies that lead to advances in technology and the holding of courses, training and technical-scientific qualification are also planned.

For Luiza Leite, CEO of Dados Legalis, a company specializing in data protection, the merger has everything to work out. “Sharing financial data promises to bring more efficiency to PF investigations, in the same way that electronic crimes are more traceable. However, care should always be taken to ensure that any sharing of personal data is in the light of the LGPD and with best practices, in order to protect the citizen”.

Agreement between Febraban and PF seeks safer cyberspace |  jurists
Luiza Leite, CEO of Legal Data, a company specialized in data protection

The decision proved to be quite important in the midst of new research that demonstrates fragility in the field. Financial sector organizations are among the main targets of cyberattacks in Brazil. The alert is from a national internet security company, Apura. The growth of attacks against bank data was 141% compared to 2020.

The large increase is due to the importance and impact that financial data generates on economic activities and on society as a whole, in addition to the lack of visibility of institutions of which vulnerabilities are present in their systems, informs the lawyer.

The data refers to criminal events on the internet promoted by ransomware. These are cyber-attacks that lead to data hijacking and, consequently, requests for rewards When it comes to data with high added value and social impact, such as banking data, it becomes easier for criminals to negotiate and obtain the reward requested in fact, explains Luiza.

Brazil occupies the 6th place in the ranking of countries with the most data leaks in the world. From January to November 2021, 24.2 million Brazilian profiles had their information exposed on the internet as a result of attacks or breaches in systems.

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