Apple iPhone SE 2022 Ties with Xiaomi 12 Pro and Galaxy S21 in DxOMark Audio Test


The 3rd generation iPhone SE was introduced by Apple with the aim of delivering the performance of the iPhone 13 Pro at a lower price. For this, several specifications of the cell phone were reduced to the basic level, including its speakers, as suggested by tests published this Monday (04) by DxOMark.

The model obtained a total of 70 points, entering the 31st position in the global ranking of the site. This means that the new “affordable” phone from big tech delivers the same audio performance as rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Xiaomi 12 Pro, in addition to tying with the score of its predecessor, the iPhone SE (2020).

Among the smartphone’s audio specs, we have a dual stereo speaker system with support for spatial audio and Dolby Digital Plus that, according to DxOMark reviewers, offer a Nearly noise-free experience and very good in terms of maximum volume, making it ideal for gaming and movie playback.

Microphones also stand out in the scoring, as the results were given as “consistent” across all usage scenarios. Voice tone balance makes recording videos in different places have sound quality as an advantage.

There are, on the other hand, some disadvantages that can be cited in the system. The iPhone SE inherits the problem of inverted stereo in the music application present in all the brand’s cell phones, however this does not cause distance and sound source location errors due to the “good balance of mids and higher frequencies”, as explained by DxOMark .

In the “high-end” category, which also includes premium mid-range phones, the iPhone SE has less accurate bass than its rivals when recording audio. Compression can cause the capture of loud voices to cause volume imbalance and automatic adaptation in these cases is slower than usual.

Overall, the 3rd generation iPhone SE is one of the best options in its segment when it comes to audio. On the other hand, features like its only 4.7-inch LCD screen and HD+ resolution may not appeal to buyers in the price range. The Xiaomi 11T, for example, is a more affordable option with a 120 Hz AMOLED screen.

(Updated on April 04, 2022 at 21:56)

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