Archdiocese of Suceava and Radauti sends humanitarian convoys to war-torn Ukraine – Ziarul de Garda


As part of the support program for Ukrainian refugees, initiated by the Archdiocese of Suceava and Radauti, a second humanitarian convoy was organized, with 30 tons of food, hygiene and basic necessities arriving in the next hours in the neighboring country, affected by the conflicts. armies, he writes

At the “Saint Hierarch Leontie” Settlement in Rădăuți, one of the four collection points organized in the diocese, volunteers, clerics and lay people, sorted, prepared and loaded the products in the 11 means of transport that will go to Chernivtsi and other affected areas. . These aids will reach those who have decided not to leave Ukraine at the moment, or who for various reasons cannot leave, taking shelter in bunkers, subway stations, basements of buildings or other makeshift defense spaces. Special mention should be made of machines carrying products intended exclusively to support families with young children (diapers, baby hygiene products, milk powder and other nutritional supplements, blankets).

The Diocese of Slatina and the Romanians also contributed to the establishment of this humanitarian convoy, through the Archdiocese of Caracal, which sent 3 tons of food and blankets, the Archdiocese of Roman and Bacău, which donated 7 tons of products, but also many people, non-governmental organizations, economic agents or institutions from Romania and abroad, in an extraordinary gesture of solidarity and love of neighbor.

As on other days, the Archbishop of Suceava and Radauti, His Eminence Father Calinic, was present both at the “Holy Hierarch Leontie” Settlement to bless and closely supervise the work of organizing the humanitarian convoy and at the border crossing point. delegation until the completion of customs formalities. He then went to the volunteer coordination center to find out the latest details and discuss the opportunity to diversify the intervention measures. At the end, he thanked all the volunteers and a word of encouragement to those who tried hard.

At the same time, in the social-philanthropic assistance points from the Siret border crossing point and from Burdujeni – Suceava Railway Station, the stocks of water, food, hygiene products, blankets, medicines and toys were supplemented. Volunteer teams, which also include Ukrainian speakers, distribute food, direct those who have no place to stay to accommodation, provide information on travel in Romania and support in choosing means of transport. Also, the spiritual assistance that is so necessary in these moments of trial is always provided.

All these support actions are carried out in close collaboration with the Consulate General of Romania in Chernivtsi, but also with the local authorities and institutions authorized to intervene, constantly communicating relevant information on the evolution of the situation.

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