BBB22: In DR with the comadres, Natália says that Eliezer is her “safe haven”


After the formation of the wall in the BBB22, the comadres discussed the relationship again. In the early hours of Monday (4), outside the house, Natalia again vented that she feels excluded from Jessilane and Linn da Quebrada and what do you consider Eliezer your “safe harbor”.

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“I understand that it’s a matter of compatibility so much that today I don’t even charge it anymore. That’s why I get very fragile to think about the possibility of Eli go out. We have our relationship as a man and a woman, but other than that, today, whether I like it or not, I see you as my safe havenit says Natalia.

“You leaving, I’ll feel like I’m flying here. Girls have their relationship and boys already have their relationship a lot…”continues the mining. Linn da Quebrada interrupts and states that everyone has a relationship in the house.

Sometimes I get clingy, but it’s not because he’s a man. It’s because I really need a hug“, says Natalia.


BBB22 POLL: Lina, Gustavo, Arthur or Eliezer, who should win the False Wall?

It’s time to vote! The formation of the first ‘False Wall’ of the BBB22held this Sunday (03), changed the house and gave the chance to Lina, Gustavo, Arthur or Eliezer go to the secret room and enjoy the special powers that will be given to the ‘eliminated’ next Tuesday (05). The brothers who remain confined have no idea what will happen on the show.

Who do you think should win the first ‘False Wall’ of BBB22? Participate in our poll!

*Remembering that this poll is a partial one and has no relation to the progress of BBB22.

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