Because of the war, Samsung removes the letter ‘Z’ from the phone’s name


Samsung has changed the names of foldable phones, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3, in countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, recently, removing the letter Z from smartphones. The change is related to the association of the letter Z with the Russian army, which uses the symbol on tanks and other elements of war.

This change has not yet been applied to the URLs From websites or menus, but it is already valid in the main areas of the interface and the online store. In addition, Samsung stopped selling smartphones in Russia as a way of boycotting the country.

The company uses letters in several devices as a differentiating element. In the case of folding cell phones, the Z was chosen, as the letter suggests the movement of unfolding.

According to the Spanish tech podcast, Samsung is also considering the idea of ​​renaming the foldables in other European countries, such as Spain. UOL contacted Samsung’s advisory in Brazil to confirm the information, but so far the company has not yet positioned itself.

controversial symbol

Ukraine even asked states to avoid the Z as a symbol as it could be understood as support for the Russian invasion. The letter, as well as the letter V, is not part of the Cyrillic alphabet used in the region, being reappropriated in the civil sphere as a totalitarian symbol.

Second information from Folha de S. PauloZ is initial aa for “Za pobedu” (“For the victory”), while the V can stand for either “Cila v pravde” (“Strength is in truth”) or “V zadatsa vipolnena” (“The task will be completed”) .

The symbol had a controversial display in March after Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak took the podium with a letter Z made with tape. at chest height, where the symbol of your country should be. Next to him was a Ukrainian athlete

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