Calleri apologizes and wants to fix Palmeiras athlete’s cell phone


Striker Jonathan Calleri expressed himself on social media apologizing to Felipe Goto, a Palmeiras base athlete who had his cell phone broken by him on the way out of Allianz Parque. The Argentine slapped the phone, which fell to the ground.

“About what happened at the stadium yesterday, I would like to send my sincere apologies to the boy. It was a moment when I was hot-headed and it shouldn’t have happened. I make myself available to repair the damage caused to the cell phone” , he wrote.

The case happened after São Paulo’s 4-0 defeat by Palmeiras in the Paulistão final, at Allianz Parque. Calleri was walking alongside other São Paulo players, such as Gabriel Sara, Marquinhos and Jandrei, when he met the young athlete, who had access to more reserved areas of the stadium. The palmeirense’s cell phone immediately fell to the ground after the slap and was rescued by Marquinhos.

Calleri’s idea, according to the UOL Esporte, is to contact the palmeirense and offer a repair or exchange of the damaged cell phone. Initially, São Paulo should not take any action on the case.

In a statement of repudiation released this evening, the agency that represents the player, F3 Sports, said that the device used by Felipe Goto suffered damage after Calleri’s attitude. “In a video circulated on social media, our athlete Felipe Goto, from the Under-15 category of Palmeiras, sees his cell phone being thrown by the São Paulo striker on the ground, causing damage to the device and going against everything that football values” , says the text.

After a few hours of the episode, the original video filmed by Felipe Goto was published and shows that the young man did not say anything to the Argentine from São Paulo before the slap on the cell phone. While athletes from São Paulo were walking in the parking lot of Allianz Parque, some people from Palmeiras were also in the area. The young man from the alviverde base was leaning against a pillar filming the moment. At 30 seconds into the recording, Calleri passes him and drops his cell phone.

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