Decapitated body found in a river in Italy. It could be Andreea Rabciuc, the Romanian woman who disappeared a month ago


The Italian authorities have a gloomy connection between the mutilated body of a headless woman, found in a bag on the banks of the river Po ‘, in Occhiobello (Rovigo), and the disappearance of the young Romanian Andreea Rabciuc, about whom nothing has been known for over three weeks. .

The naked, headless body and part of her arms were found in a travel bag that was brought ashore and was in good condition. The woman was reportedly dead for less than a month The Gazette.

The body found in the bag belonged to a woman of about 30 years old, with white skin, who was stripped, decapitated, mutilated, put in a bag in a fetal position and thrown in the Po ‘.

She was dressed in a purple sequined dress. The coroner was able to determine that it was a woman’s body only after the conformation of the rib cage.

The details that would suggest that the body found on the banks of the river Po would be that of the Romanian Andreea Rabciuc are the following: the body found was in a good state of preservation and was in water for less than a month, but especially the mutilation of the arms certain parts and the absence of the head are missing.

Andreea had tattoos on her arms and blue hair, elements after which she would have been immediately recognized and which the murderer would have eliminated precisely for this reason.

For now, it’s just a hypothesis, authorities said, based on missing persons that could correspond to age, sex, skin color. Research is being done to determine if Andreea Rabciuc is related to the macabre discovery made on Tuesday, April 5.

The case of Andreea Rabciuc’s disappearance

Andreea Alice Rabciuc, a 27-year-old Romanian woman living in Jesi, in the province of Ancona, who disappeared on Saturday, March 12, after an argument with her boyfriend, has not been found until now.

Andreea had spent the night with some friends, in a cottage located on the agricultural fields in Castelplanio, and since then no one knows anything about her.

The searches organized by the carabinieri and firefighters, with the support of the Civil Protection volunteers, were useless. Authorities have opened an investigation, he said Ancona Today.

A case full of mystery, presented at Who saw it, the RAI 3 show that deals with such topics. The research focuses on the following: a cell phone, a resentful Facebook post written by your current boyfriend, a desperate mother, and a former boyfriend.

Mobile phone

On Friday, March 11, Andreea went to the cottage with some friends and her boyfriend, Simone. But Andreea was behaving strangely, she was silent and she was sending messages to her ex-boyfriend, Daniele, who confirmed this.

The time spent on Friday in the cottage was marked by quarrels between Andreea and Simone. Francesco, the owner of the cottage, said:

“They were arguing, but she was quieter. At one point I couldn’t wait to leave. It must have been 7:00 on Saturday morning, I saw the girl walking towards the street. But I understand that her boyfriend kept her phone, he let her go without a cell phone. “

The young man kept the girl’s cell phone on until Sunday afternoon, when he took it to his mother. Why did Simone turn off the phone? Why was he late to report his girlfriend’s disappearance?

Simone answered these questions: “I didn’t confiscate her phone, she put it in my pocket. It is not the first time that Andreea disappears like this, without saying anything, to anyone. I wanted to call her mother to pick her up from the party, but Andreea ran away. She often runs away when we argue, so I didn’t worry too much. “

Posting on Facebook

Eight days before the young woman’s disappearance, Simone, disappointed by a post published by Andreea, did not control her anger and in turn published a hateful post about her girlfriend, accompanied by a photo of a closet. He wrote:

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“This is the right throne for you
Dirty piss… and full of shit…
I wish you all your life for what you find in it
A dangerous opportunistic liar ungrateful careless “too light too much for all and, unfortunately, destroyed for her”
Fortunately, dead for me !!!
It is true that God exists and from time to time puts every clown in his circle
And in my circus, you will not enter
Just try… Try Safe Miss You
It will be a pleasure to dismantle all of them, yours and only your supposed certainties. “

At the end of the post Simone wrote in Romanian: “Goodbye forever” and ended again in Italian by writing “Regina pu..i”.

Simone initially did not admit that the above text was addressed to his girlfriend: “It’s an old post, it has nothing to do with it.” Then he admitted that he was actually referring to Andreea: “It’s kind of stupid on Facebook – he said – just a post in response to something she wrote after an argument of ours.”

The young Italian confessed that “we quarreled very often, one day yes and one no, but she always came back.” Then, as if she didn’t know the girl was gone, she asks, “How come she’s not at her mother’s house?”

“Anyway, I don’t think there was a maniac in that area who kidnapped her,” he said. “In my opinion, she left with a used car, but it’s been many days since she disappeared, it’s worth looking for.”

A desperate mother

Georgeta is the young woman’s mother. The woman has been shut up for a week in complete silence. The carabinieri, who are continuing their search, may have advised him not to give interviews? Her last Facebook post was on March 31, when she launched a desperate call for Andreea:

“My love, too many days have passed, where are you? Whatever happened, know that together we can solve it. I miss you so much and I can’t wait to hug you again. I’m suffering too much, please help me find her. “

Ex boyfriend

Daniele is the ex-boyfriend with whom Andreea still keeps in touch. The connection between the old and the new life, between the past and the present. Daniele is deeply saddened by the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend:

“Andreea wanted to change her life, in the evening before her disappearance she sent me a message telling me to come and pick her up the next day. She wanted to spend a month alone with me or her mother, and then leave and never let certain people know where she was. “

Daniele tried to contact her on Saturday morning: “I wrote her a message, but I’m sure the one who answered me was actually her current friend.”

He is worried that something serious has happened to his ex-girlfriend: “If nothing had happened to him, he would have contacted me already. I hope to be able to embrace her again, a hope that will never die. “

What happened to Andreea Rabciuc?

The hypotheses are many and all are examined by investigators. Initially, as even the carabinieri confirmed, everyone thought of a voluntary removal. But now, day after day, the hypothesis is that of a different and certainly gloomy scenario.

The Carabinieri, the Civil Protection and the firemen organized searches that have not been successful so far, no trace of the young Romanian has been found!

Andreea is 1.68 meters tall, has brown eyes, brown hair. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing a white jacket, a gray blouse with a Tom & Jerry print on the front and a pair of jeans with the same design. He also wore a pair of blue shoes and a small fluorescent green backpack.

As a special sign, the 27-year-old has various tattoos on her body and on the fingers of her left hand. Anyone who has seen or has information is asked to contact the carabinieri at 112 or the police at 113.

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