Discover the safe investment preferred by 60% of investors


São José do Rio Preto, Sunday, April 10, by Sérgio Carrieri — Investors’ preferred investment in February is on the Tesouro Direto platform. In addition, it is a paper that has profitability, security and liquidity. Especially in times of high inflation and political uncertainty ahead.

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In this way, the Mood of the Market will bring more details about the most bought investment in February. Within the Treasury Direct platform, the preferred by 60% of investors was the Selic Treasury. While the amount invested in this title came close to R$ 1.90 billion.

Discover the safe investment preferred by 60% of investors – Reproduction: Pixabay

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The recent hikes in the basic interest rate benefited the

The Treasury Selic is the paper that has benefited the most from the successive readjustments of the basic rate. It is currently at 11.75%, after the last Copom meeting on March 16th. And according to analysts, with great chances of ending 2022 at the level of 12.75%.

The increased interest on the part of investors is the continuation of the cycle of increases, as indicated by the Central Bank. In other words, it ends up generating a great expectation of new gains and increasing the attractiveness of the paper. The profitability in February was 2.03% and in the last twelve months it was 6.96%.

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The advantages that the Treasury Selic investment offers

Firstly, it is a bond issued by the National Treasury, which offers security, low risk and attractive rates combined with the Selic. According to an article published in InfoMoney. Even more so because it is evaluated by experts as a safe and highly liquid investment.

Above all, it is a great opportunity right now for the investor who may need the money at any time. Since one of the best benefits of this investment is undoubtedly liquidity. In the case of an emergency reserve, the money invested will be available almost immediately.

Anyway, that investor who finds another more advantageous opportunity, can trade without any difficulty. Want to know a little more about the benefits and advantages of this investment? Then, watch the video below from the ‘Spare Me!’ channel.

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