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To find out why there are still insecure people, the report spoke with the psychologist and specialist in mental health, cognitive therapy and psychopedagogy, Ana Carolina Arantes. See also an analysis of an infectious disease specialist and guidelines.

A poll carried out by the g1 shows that 70% of the people who participated already feel safe not to wear a mask in Juiz de Fora — Photo: Reproduction/g1

O g1 conducted a poll between Tuesday (29) and Friday (1st) to find out if Internet users already feel safe with the release. The options were: yes, I feel; I dont fell; for me it is indifferent.

  • 69.93% feel safe;
  • 28.84% do not feel;
  • 1.23% indifferent.

Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory in open places in Minas Gerais, illustrative photo — Photo: Leonardo Barreto/ g1

Jussara Cardozo de Campos, 46, told the g1 what remains with the use of the mask in all environments.

“I can’t help but use it. It’s become a habit and a custom that I still don’t feel safe to abandon. Just imagining going out in the city center without a mask makes me nervous. I’ve never caught Covid-19 and I believe that my care diaries were responsible for my non-infection. I will continue using it,” he said.

The pharmacist Amanda Vilela, 31, said that already feel safe not to wear the mask in open places. The professional also said that she realized that the rates of confirmed cases have dropped in the last month and that the scenario is directly linked to the advancement of vaccination.

“I have my vaccination schedule up to date and I feel safe to go out without a mask, yes. I’ve already caught Covid-19 twice and I follow the numbers, which have dropped a lot. Out, thank God and the vaccine,” he reported.

The same occurs with Laura Augusta de Sousa. Every day she walks her daughter to school and, according to her, the route is already done without a mask since release.

“I live close to the school so I allowed myself not to wear the mask on the way. I also haven’t used it in moments of leisure outdoors, like going to the club, for example. The only open place I still use is downtown, which has a lot of movement of people”, he said.

Fear and insecurity are common, says psychologist

People can have anxiety because of the pandemic, illustrative photo — Photo: Getty Images via BBC

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brazil has already registered 659,860 deaths and 29,946,070 Confirmed cases. During the most critical periods of the pandemic, a series of measures to combat the new coronavirus required the population to adapt.

Social distancing, business relationships and goodbyes have been changed. However, even with the return of face-to-face activities and easing of security measures, some people are still afraid.

According to psychologist Ana Carolina Arantes, fear is an adaptive emotion and seeks the prediction of dangers to ensure survival. Thus, various physical mechanisms of our body are produced and activated as a form of preparation for escape or avoidance of possible risk.

In this context, according to the professional, the uncomfortable feelings of anxiety they are produced by an anticipation of the possibilities of danger, which may be real or imaginary.

“The uncertainties involved in this pandemic process were and are a full plate for our eternal sense of vulnerability”, he said.

Ana Carolina gave some tips to avoid anxiety, such as:

  • breathing exercises (deep and diaphragmatic);
  • mindfulness meditation practice;
  • regular practice of physical activity;
  • looking for reliable sources of information can help in the mental organization of adaptation when changes in rules occur.

According to the psychologist, recent studies, which consider the world scenario of the pandemic, point out that it is advised that the use of masks and hand hygiene be maintained even in open environments, where there can be greater concentration and agglomeration of people.

“It can be understood that the risk of contamination in open environments, of a population with complete vaccination coverage between 70% and 90%, where the minimum physical distance of 1 meter is preserved, is smaller and safer for not using the mask” .

On the other hand, Ana Carolina pointed out that “Little by little, progressively, we are reaping the fruits of the advance of vaccination and the emotion of fear gives way to escapes of relief”.

Infectologist makes analysis

Faced with the vaccine advance and reduction of hospitalizations, several cities in the country joined the flexibilization of the use of masks in open places. The infectious disease doctor from Juiz de Fora, Marcos Moura analyzed the measure as positive.

However, according to the infectologist, certain audiences, such as pregnant women, patients with immunosuppressive and oncological diseases and with many comorbidities, must keep using.

“The rates have dropped and the risk of contagion in open places is very low. Although there are still contaminations, most people have a mild form of the disease, which is directly linked to vaccination”, he analyzed.

However, the doctor recommended that people with many comorbidities and poor health remain with the use of a mask everywhere, open and closed, and avoid agglomerations.

“Although many people are vaccinated, the virus shows that even with the vaccine it can be transmitted. We are in the final phase of the pandemic, so this is all important for us to reach the end of it properly”.

Moura also stressed that it is important to complete the vaccination schedule and that all available vaccines have been shown to be effective against the variants.

“It is important to point out that we have to finish our vaccination schedule and that people attend to take the 3 doses recommended against Covid-19, and even the 4th for some specific groups. Vaccination is our safest and most effective tool yet against the pandemic,” he concluded.

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