How to block websites from PC and mobile


It is quite difficult to keep children away from electronics, with such ease of access. If the idea, then, is to prevent the little ones from having access to inappropriate content or spending hours logging into social networks, one way out is to block these pages through the browser.

Check out how the process works in Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers today, and also on Android and iPhone.


Block Websites in Google Chrome on PC

Although it still doesn’t have a native tweak to fulfill this function, it’s quite easy to block pages using a Google browser extension.

One of the most popular options is BlockSite. The software, which has a paid version, is packed with tweaks and lets you block up to six pages for free.

Step 01: To get started, go to the extension page on the Chrome Web Store and click Use in Chrome > Add extension to install the software in the browser.

Step 02: click ‘Agree’ to agree to the terms of use of the extension and then access the address of the page you want to block access, in the example below Instagram.

Step 03: Now, click on the ‘Block this site’ option to confirm your request.

How to block websites from PC and mobile

By clicking on the gear icon, the user can create a list of pages that he wants to block by entering the URL of the sites and clicking on “+ Add item”.

How to block websites from PC and mobile
To reverse the process, just click on the trash can icon. Image: Reproduction

When trying to access the blocked sites, an alert informs you that the page has been blocked:

Image: Reproduction

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Block websites on Android

On Android, there are applications that also work as a page blocker, one of them is BlockSite itself, the same one we used before in Chrome.

The advantage here is that the app blocks access in all browsers, not just Chrome.

Step 01: Download and install the app on your phone from the Play Store.

Image: Reproduction

Step 02: When opening BlockSite for the first time, agree to the application’s terms of use and provide the necessary system authorizations for everything to work.

Step 03: at the end, to add a site you want to block, just tap ‘+’ on the home screen.

How to block websites from PC and mobile
Image: Reproduction

Step 04: on the next screen, you can search for the page in the top search bar or choose one of the suggestions listed below.

Step 05: After the block list is ready, tap on ‘Done’ on the top right side.

Block Websites on iPhone

Unlike Android, iOS has a built-in feature that allows you to block unwanted pages. To access the feature, follow the guide below:

Step 01: Go to Settings > Screen Time.

Step 02: Tap on ‘Content & Privacy’, activate the button next to ‘Restrictions’ and finally tap on ‘Content Restrictions’

How to block websites from PC and mobile
Image: Reproduction

Step 03: under ‘Web Content’, enable the ‘Limit Adult Sites’ option.

Image: Reproduction

Step 04: finally, in the ‘Never allow’ section, enter the address of the websites you want to block in ‘Add Site’.

Ready! Whether the goal is simply to avoid distractions or the goal is to prevent children from accessing inappropriate pages, now you know some ways to block this content, whether on PC, Android or iPhone.

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