In defense, lawyer assumes it’s “normal” to talk to clients arrested by cell phone


The defense considers that, despite this, there is, in this case, “no illegality in the Lawyer’s conduct”

Ticket found at the lawyer’s house. (Photo: Reproduction)

Denounced as an errand lawyer for the PCC (First Command of the Capital), Inaíza Herradon Ferreira informed the Campo Grande News that it is routine and common for the contact between defenders and their imprisoned clients to be made by cell phone, even if the devices are prohibited in penal institutions.

A report showed today that Gaeco (Special Action Group for the Repression of Organized Crime) identified that the lawyer exchanged almost three thousand messages in ten days with the so-called “Summary”, the prisoner Cristhian Thomas Vieira. The case is investigated in Operation Courrier. He held the post of faction manager. Inaíza would have advised him on using a safer application for conversations.

“Unfortunately, when working in criminal law, such contacts are commonplace”, emphasizes the lawyer’s defense in responses to Campo Grande News, to which she adds that “many prisoners seek assistance precisely by telephone”.

The defense considers that, despite this, there is, in this case, “no illegality in the Lawyer’s conduct” and that in the aforementioned case, “the focus was only on this client – ​​Cristhian Thomas Vieira – but the contact with others is practically routine”.

In response to the report, Inaíza also claims that the complaint made against her of trying to obstruct justice is an attempt by the other accused lawyer, Bruno Ghizzi, to “burn” her performance.

Thus, for the defense, Bruno “would have indicated Inaíza’s name as a “PCC message lawyer”, as he did with other colleagues with unblemished performance in Criminal Law, with the clear intention of changing the focus of improper checking of the name of the Delegate Carlos Delano, and consequently damage the image of those he has as competitors”.

He also mentions that in Gameleira’s Closed Regime Prison, Super Máxima, “it is normal for lawyers to attend exclusively for errands, so much so that a prisoner always has more than one lawyer attending, but cannot specify the stamp of such messages”.

The lawyer also comments on a note found in her house with a list of gun names, to which she defends herself by saying that it is not a note, but notes by Inaíza in a case study for which she was a lawyer. “Since she works in the Criminal Area, it is unquestionable that such documents will refer precisely to criminal practices”, she defends.

Finally, she maintains that she has always acted with honesty, clarity and respect for the laws, and in 18 years of profession, she has never been related to hidden facts and that even at the time she acted as a contractor by the Court of Justice, between 2001 and 2015, “with access to passwords and other information related to the function, and never used such facilities”.

She also claims that the law is her “least activity”, since she is a micro entrepreneur in the tourism and leisure sector.

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