Inter and responsible for throwing cell phone at Lucas Silva at Gre-Nal are punished – 09/04/2022


In the match valid for the first leg of the Campeonato Gaúcho semifinal, a sad fact interrupted the match for a few minutes. After Grêmio’s third goal, in the 3-0 victory over Internacional in Beira-Rio, midfielder Lucas Silva, who was celebrating in front of the Tricolor crowd, was hit by a cell phone in his mouth, and had to stop the bleeding.

Owner of the house, and responsible for security, Internacional was punished by justice for throwing his cell phone at Lucas Silva, even though he collaborated with the investigation to find out who was responsible. Colorado lost the field command of a match, which must be fulfilled in a competition of the Gaucho Federation, either in the Regional Cup, in the second semester, or in the next state. In addition, the gaúcha team will need to pay a fine of 30 thousand reais.

In addition, after several investigations, and the use of cameras, the identity of the aggressor was discovered, who went to trial last Thursday (07). In a hearing at the Fan Court, the penalty that the Internacional fan will have to serve for throwing the cell phone that hit Lucas Silva in the mouth was determined.

The first punishment concerns Internacional matches. For having thrown the cell phone at Lucas Silva, the fan will not be able to enter Colorado matches, at home or away, for a period of one year. In addition, the CPF will be blocked for purchasing tickets at the Beira-Rio box office for the same period.

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In addition to rules for Internacional’s games, the fan also saw a specific punishment for the classic Gre-Nal. Regardless of the weather, the person responsible for throwing the cell phone at Lucas Silva will not be able to watch the next five duels between Colorado and Tricolor from the stands.

To finish the series of measures imposed by the justice, the person responsible for throwing the cell phone at Lucas Silva, it was determined the need to pay one thousand reais to the Instituto Geração Tricolor. In addition, Internacional fans will need to report to a police station at the times of all Colorado matches through September.

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