“It will be around 200-300,000 euros per person”


Tuesday, February 15, 2022, 7:12 p.m.

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The founder of the Ircon drug factory in Iasi, Christache Zanoschi, announced that he will leave all his fortune to the employees, as a sign of gratitude for being with him in setting up the business.

Currently, the business, opened 21 years ago, is estimated at 20 million euros.

Who is Christache Zanoschi?

The owner of the pharmaceutical empire is a primary obstetrician and gynecologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, member of the Romanian Society of Inventors and was awarded by the Romanian Academy with the highest scientific distinction in the country, receiving the Romanian Academy Award, according truth.

He said that what matters most to him is that employees can continue to enjoy the products they work on.

“You have to dream in order to do something like that. You have to have an imagination that will take you everywhere. Imagination and achievement also involve a risk, but if you succeeded, then it was worth it. Everything was based on a very good experience. “said Dr. Christache Zanoschi.

The idea of ​​a business started with the idea of ​​helping the community, he added.

How Christache Zanoschi wants to split the company

The founder of the Ircon drug factory stated that he received offers for his business, but he refused them just to stay with the employees who were with him.

“We received a different kind of education, this older generation. It’s normal for employees to receive more,” Zanoschi said.

Employees will officially find out about his plan soon.

“Everyone will receive social shares, we have to see the conditions under which it will be done. I have decided this for a long time, but others have not taken it seriously. We have many products that are of exceptional quality. We cannot sell them like this. There are foreign companies that come with all kinds of products and take care of us. Colleagues have been very involved, there is a lot of data that needs to be managed, we have a lot of controls. it is a satisfaction.

Personnel with higher education will have a different status, the others less so, each of whom has worked. There are also retirees who have helped a lot and will receive as well. They have to be happy, somehow, it will be around 200-300 thousand euros per person. If you add the endowments, the scientific part is much more, double, triple “, the doctor from Iasi explained.

He stressed that he will not leave immediately after the shares will be distributed to employees.

The products from the Ircon factory were sold both in the country and on the market in the former Soviet countries, such as the Republic of Moldova, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and others. This year, medicines, cosmetics and nutritional supplements produced in Iasi will reach the pharmaceutical market in Belarus and Kazakhstan this year, the source said.

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