(P) One year free vitamin D package? Let’s talk about the latest NordicMed Pharma campaign


Research shows that up to 65% of Romanians suffer from vitamin D deficiency. This is a substance that supports essential aspects of our health, strengthening the immune system, bones, teeth and other parts of the body. That’s why NordicMed Pharma (a brand of Natural Pharmaceuticals Sp. Zo.o.) is relaunching its pan-European campaign, which has already delivered, free of charge, more than 320,000 packages with the necessary 12 months of VitaSolaris® D3, a Vitamin D dietary supplement from NordicMed Pharma, made in Norway. Read on to learn how to take advantage of this offer.

Our body replenishes its vitamin D levels in two ways: by producing it in the skin, by contact with the sun’s rays or by absorbing it from food. We Romanians are at a disadvantage in both cases. In autumn and winter, the sunny days are limited and we do not even consume enough fatty fish.

What are the sources of vitamin D and how much should we consume?

In order to provide our body with a sufficient supply of vitamin D, we should consume it about 100 g of eel, 200 g of salmon or 20 egg yolks a day. Thus, it is impossible for food to provide a sufficient supply of vitamin D, especially since fish prices are not exactly low. 20 eggs, on the other hand, is a quantity that cannot be assimilated by a person’s stomach.

Why 20? The answer is simple: a single egg contains approx. 37 IU (international units) of vitamin D, while the recommended daily dose for most people is between 800 and 2000 IU. The elderly and the overweight may need even more.

VitaSolaris® D3 vs. other vitamin D-rich products

Store shelves are full of vitamin D supplements. So why choose VitaSolaris® D3 and not another similar product? First, contains a high amount of vitamin D3which is much more expensive to obtain than D2, which is a factor that significantly increases the prices of supplements, in general – while VitaSolaris® is offered to you free of charge.

location from which product comes from also matters a lot. VitaSolaris® D3 is made in Norway, and NordicMed Pharma considers this a guarantee of product quality. A single capsule contains 2,000 IU of vitamin D, easily providing the recommended daily dose.

All you have to do to receive the free vitamin D package is access vitaminegratis.ro and fill out a quick questionnaire. You will receive VitaSolaris at home® D3 in just a few days. ”

How to get the required 12 months of VitaSolaris® D3?

To receive the amount of free vitamin D for one year, all you have to do is go to www.vitaminegratis.ro and fill in a quick questionnaire. You will receive VitaSolaris® D3 at home in a few days and you will pay only for delivery – 9.95 lei.

Also, NordicMed Pharma guarantees that the product is offered free of charge, and that this offer does not include “hidden clauses”. Delivery is one time only and is not a subscription. The offer is limited to one package for 12 months of VitaSolaris® on the household.

NordicMed Pharma’s parent company: 2.5 million customers and over 10 years of experience in Central and Eastern Europe.

Natural Pharmaceuticals, distributor VitaSolaris® and the company behind this campaign has been operating in Poland for over 10 years. Meanwhile, Natural has gained the trust of its CEE customers. He even obtained the certificate of recognition of customer service friendliness in Poland (8 consecutive years). Natural Pharmaceuticals supplements have been recognized as the Healthiest Brand of the Year in Poland (2020 for OmegaMarine, 2021 for MemoreX – the Polish brand of MemoComplex).

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