“Painting Tris” at Senso Gallery, with Arina Bican, Liviu Mihai and Augustin Răzvan Radu


On February 22, 2022, a new exhibition will be inaugurated at the Senso Gallery in Bucharest (Calea Victoriei, no. 12C), an event whose protagonists are three of the most valuable young visual artists of the moment! Collective „Tris painting”Brings together works signed by Liviu Mihai, Arina Bican and Augustin Răzvan Radu.

As the chromatics only emphasize the uniqueness of each one and their own temperament, it is interesting to note that we are dealing with three distinct astral signs: fire – Liviu Mihai, air – Arina Bican, respectively, earth – Augustin Răzvan Radu.

Each of the artists has already had personal exhibitions at the Senso Gallery, a reference space for the presentation and promotion of contemporary art, supported by the Program “Art Chain“: Liviu Mihai, with”Marilyn and the Pink Dog”(July 13 – August 26, 2021), Arina Bican, with“Back to the Future”(October 15-30, 2021) and Augustin Răzvan Radu, with“Mirrors 2.0.21”(December 7 – 30, 2021). All are graduates of UNArte Bucharest.

This time, the creations of the three are part of the project included in the 2022 exhibition program, designed by Ana Ștefania Andronic (BUZU), the artistic director of the gallery. It started at the beginning of the year with the exhibition “Retroactive”, By the artist Ion Anghel.

Curator of the group exhibition “Tris painting” It is Ana Daniela Sultana, renowned specialist and art consultant, who noted: “Three artists with special personalities, three different ways of approaching painting offer us a unique visual journey and give us the measure of their creative force, subtly reflecting Zeitgeist our. What the three have in common, however, is that they use the figurative register as the main way of artistic expression, at least in terms of this selection. If in Arina Bican, the style denotes a certain tendency towards hyperrealism, especially in the rendering of details, in Liviu Mihai, the specificity consists in an inclination towards mixed technique; In both cases, however, there is a predilection for the human figure, whose features are often blurred. In Augustin Răzvan Radu, the subject of reference is buildings and not characters; perhaps that is why his style is characterized by a certain calm that is usually inspired by landscapes. As the chromatics only emphasize the uniqueness of each one and their own temperament, it is interesting to note that we are dealing with three distinct astral signs: fire – Liviu Mihai, air – Arina Bican, respectively, earth – Augustin Răzvan Radu. ”.

Liviu Mihai: The workshop is like an altar to me, it is an intimate universe where all things start, in fact, all creation. I once thought what it would be like to be an artist without a space of your own, personal, in which to think about your creations, in which to unfold… It would be impossible! Practically everything starts in the workshop, because here, every work is thought, imagined, dreamed, created until, slowly, slowly, it comes to life. An artist’s workshop is like a nest that you rebuild, rearrange and always change, it is that unique space where you feel comfortable and you translate your personality, imagination, inspiration, talent, creation… ”

The themes approached by Liviu Mihai in his works are among the most diverse: history, current affairs, politics, his own life or lived events. The universe of his artistic creation is marked by portraiture, zoomorphic representations, but also by events, moments, happenings or things that inspire him at a given moment.

I work on several levels, I’m not the only one focusing on a topic, a theme or a segment. I am passionate about the human figure, but not from an anatomical point of view, but socially, historically, psychologically. In my opinion, the viewer can become a co-creator in the visual process. the artist confessed.I have an emotional work structure, and the seriality and the idea of ​​repetition bores me. I do series of 4-5 papers and that’s about it. Then I change, over and over again, and I do something completely different because I am spontaneous and I am inspired by the moment, the moment, the present. Now I am between figurative and abstract. Honestly, I tried to give up the figurative several times, but it didn’t work out…

Liviu Mihai is a graduate of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Graphics Department (class of 2005). In 2004, he was awarded the Gaudeamus Prize for painting. He has numerous personal and group exhibitions, mostly in Bucharest; exhibited in Den Helder, the Netherlands („Digital Sign”- 2007), London (“London Calling” – 2013, “FLUX ExhibitionAt the Royal College of Art – 2015, „The Other Art Fair”- 2018), the Art Monaco (2016), the Salzburg, Austria („On the Inside – 2015). In 2014, at the Oxford International Art Fair, he was awarded the Best OIAF Artist Awards. They then exhibited the works of over 150 artists from Europe and around the world (Japan, Russia, Argentina, USA, India), who presented, in a special way, paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics, illustrations and handicrafts. . It was an even more important award for the young Romanian artist, who declares: “It is a recognition beyond the borders of the country of my creation, an encouragement and a proof that my works and my work are recognized internationally. A visual artist is in great need of the support of the public, critics and art lovers, because all this gives him confidence in what he is doing and somehow confirms that he is on the right path.. His record, his creations and vision, his exhibitions, his achievements in the field have fully proved that Liviu Mihai is on the right track. He also demonstrated it last summer, when he presented at the Senso Gallery his personal exhibition “Marilyn and the Pink Dog”, In which he approached the painting of pop-art origin, completed withcollage inserts, characterized by a rich symbolism and an intense chromatic ”.

We live in the century of speed, so I had to pick up the pace of the times and I think I moved pretty fast and intenseHe said. “Those of the younger generations enjoy a great freedom of movement and openness to the world, and in the field of art there are many opportunities, possibilities and exhibition projects. I also got caught up in the whirlwind of contemporary art! It is important to expose yourself as an artist and to make your voice and creation known in various cultural spaces, and through art, being a universal language, you can communicate in almost any social environment.

In a permanent relationship with his own inner springs of transformation, his art inspires refinement and sensitivity, strength and fragility. Inventions of deep emotions and personal feelings, regardless of the theme approached, the works of the young artist are a symbol of the search for inner strength, healing, love and truth. “

Arina Bican graduated from the High School of Fine Arts “Nicolae Tonitza”(2010) and the National University of Arts Bucharest, Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, specialization Mural Art (2013) and also has a Master in visual arts (2015); In the same year, she became a member of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania (UAPR), Painting Branch, Bucharest. Although she has an important activity as a painter, with numerous personal and group exhibitions, in Bucharest, in the country and abroad, the young and talented artist likes to work with children: she coordinated between 2012 and 2015, the painting course at the School „Constantin Brîncuși”No. 174, for six years she is the coordinator of the Plastic and Decorative Arts Course „Owl from Tei“And since 2013, he has been teaching painting”Primus School Camp”, But also fine arts workshops, dedicated to the little ones. “In the last exhibition, we made the connection between adult and child and we noticed how creative and imaginative children aged 7-9 are!“, Confessed the artist. “Later, your own ego, life experiences, influences don’t let you think so freely…”.

Back to the Future”Was the title of Arina Bican’s personal exhibition, hosted by Galeria Senso between October 15 and 30, 2021.

When she paints, Arina Bican feels anchored in the present and feels truly fulfilled. At the same time, it creates a connection between ancestral traditions and times and the virtual future, and its favorite theme is introspection. I start a work from my own feelings, which I translate into ideas and then transpose them visually“, Says the artist. “Through painting, I realized that I can better understand feelings, that I can realize and maintain that connection between past and future, like a time machine… My last exhibition refers to VR (virtual reality), although I remain anchored in the past. Visiting my grandmother and talking more, we remembered the moments when she worked on the frame, sat on the chair and wove, and I watched her fascinated for hours. Unfortunately, this craft is lost over time, so I wanted to bring in my work tradition and innovation, with motifs from traditional Romanian culture, with authentic symbols and elements, imagining small creatures with handcrafted shapes wearing VR glasses. In fact, we are what we are because of our history, culture, traditions and customs. We need to get back to our roots, find out who we are and where we came from!”.

The houses and walls marked by the passage of people and times are captured in his paintings full of sensitivity and reverie, which seem to ask us «Where is the time?? ”

He holds a degree in Painting and a Master’s degree from UNArte, in the field of “Creative strategies in painting (2016), Augustin Răzvan Radu returns to the Senso Gallery, after the success of his personal exhibition “Mirrors 2.0.21”(December 7 – 30, 2021).

His creations have been found in many personal and group exhibitions, his talent being rewarded with a Merit Scholarship, since his student days; in 2014 he was awarded the First Prize at the JUVENTUS National Painting Competition, in Timișoara, and in 2016 he was the beneficiary of a special scholarship for UNArte graduates, from The Institute and Unicredit Bank Romania. He was present for five years in numerous and important creative camps in Romania, Germany and China, precisely in order to perfect himself and to perfect his remarkable talent. From the top of his studio, located somewhere above Bucharest, on the 12th floor, the artist likes to contemplate the world in peace and try to understand it.

The series of projects proposed by Ana Ștefania Andronic (BUZU), the artistic director of Senso Gallery, will continue every month with the organization of new exhibitions and cultural reference projects. The works of the artists in the portfolio are divided into five main sections: painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative art and contemporary jewelry.

The exhibitions organized at Senso Gallery are part of a complex, carefully crafted program, generously open to all artists who want to manifest themselves, authentic and original, with an assumed cultural vocation!

We bring art closer to you! is the motto of Senso Gallery, an initiative of the entrepreneur Anca Vlad, supported by the Fildas Art Foundation, through the program “Art Chain”, As a sponsor. Located in an area of ​​maximum interest and urban visibility, on Calea Victoriei, Senso Gallery regularly organizes and hosts exhibitions of the most valuable artists, while the site www.galeriasenso.ro also contains the platform of an online store, offering the possibility to view and purchase works of art with a single click. Here, art catalogs and albums, biographical volumes and monographs are published and released, as well as reports and art films, which are broadcast on the online television station of the same name (www.sensotv.ro).

The “Tris de Pintură” exhibition will remain open to the public until March 22, 2022.

Meaning Gallery, Calea Victoriei, no. 12C

Senso Gallery Visiting Schedule:

  • Tuesday – Sunday, between 12:00 and 19:00, in compliance with the measures and access rules imposed by the authorities, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Text: Oana Georgescu

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