Popular jury of accused of ordering to kill professor of dentistry because of life insurance takes place 12 years after crime | Pernambuco


Psychologist Ana Terezinha Zanforlin Sperança and lawyer Adriana Lima Castro de Santana are on trial this Tuesday (5th), in Recife, accused of ordering the death of dentist and professor at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) Paulo Augusto Sperança. (see video above). The popular jury takes place at the Forum Thomaz de Aquino.

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The crime took place in August 2010 and the jury takes place almost 12 years after the murder. The victim was married to Ana Terzinha Zanforlin. In 2012, the two men who killed the professor and confessed to the crime were sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Ana Terezinha and her friend Adriana Lima were identified as intellectual mentors of the crime. They would have hired the two men to kill Paulo Augusto. According to the police, the motive for the crime would be insurance of R$120,000 and a pension of R$15,000 per month.

Paulo Augusto Sperança was 53 years old and was a professor of dentistry at UFPE and two other universities. He was stabbed to death inside his wife’s psychological office, the pedagogue Ana Terezinha Zanforlin Sperança, in the Torre neighborhood, West Zone of Recife.

The teacher’s body was found inside his car on August 7, 2010, in the Torrões neighborhood, in the West Zone of Recife. According to police investigations, the crime was committed by Adolfo Berto Soares, 40 years old; and José Amaro de Souza Filho, 45 years old.

The two men would have been hired by the professor’s wife to kill him and confessed to the crime. They were tried in 2012 and sentenced to 18 years in prison for triply murder.

Also according to the investigations, the professor’s wife had already tried to kill him in 2009. A month after the death of Paulo Augusto Speranza, Ana Terezinha Zanforlin Sperança was arrested.

A friend of hers, the lawyer Adriana Lima Castro de Santana, was identified as the intellectual mentor of the crime. She responded to the process in freedom.

Jury in the Paulo Sperança case, in Recife — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

The jury was scheduled to start at 9 am, but it only started around 11 am, after a witness, who lives in another city, arrived at the Thomaz de Aquino Forum, in the Santo Antônio neighborhood, in downtown Recife.

Speeches by the prosecution and defense lawyers are foreseen, with the possibility of a reply and rejoinder, in addition to the interrogation of the two accused. They can answer questions directly, use lawyers, or remain silent.

For the prosecutor José Edvaldo da Silva, representative of the Public Ministry of Pernambuco (MPPE), there is no doubt that the two women were responsible for the murder.

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office made a careful reading of the records and established the understanding, the conviction that, in fact, there is evidence, there is a tsunami of information, of evidence, which in fact point out Ana Terezinha Zanforlin and the accused [Adriana Lima] as the masterminds of the crime,” he said.

Seven jurors will decide whether the two women are guilty of the crime. The jury is presided over by Judge Abner Apolinário. According to him, about ten people should be heard during the trial.

“Given the number of people I have and everything that will be demonstrated here, two days are enough [para concluir o júri]”, said the judge.

Defense lawyers for the accused declined to record the interview.

The family’s lawyer, Flávio Santana, hopes that the two accused will be convicted. “We are waiting for the law to be complied with, for the procedure to be carried out within the normality and for it to be proven so that the jurors can vote for the conviction of the accused,” he said.

Son of Professor Paulo Esperança talks about the jury — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Part of Paulo Esperança’s family went to the forum. Fátima Esperança, the victim’s sister, asked for justice.

“At no time did we stop believing that justice will be done. Based on that trust, our strength and our union, we continue to follow this journey and once again we are here, believing that justice will be done, maintaining our tranquility, our trust and our family base, which is the love that unites us”, he said.

One of the children of the dentistry professor, Victor Sperança, was moved to remember his father’s death. He said that his father was a great companion and an example of life for him.

“It’s as if a movie went through my head and I relived everything, it’s very difficult to be here today, but we’re here because we need this response from Justice, that something be done in respect of the memory of my father, our family, because it’s very painful to be here,” he said.

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