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Susep published this Thursday (April 7) Circular 659/22, which establishes new rules for extended warranty insurance and the criteria for operating the product, whether at the time of acquisition of goods or during the term of the warranty of the provider. The rule takes effect on May 1.

The Circular prohibits the possibility of conditioning the purchase of the asset to the contracting of extended warranty insurance, as well as the granting of a discount on its price to the purchase of insurance.

When presenting the extended warranty insurance plan to the consumer by an insurance representative, the term “optional” must be included, as well as the following information: “It is prohibited to condition a discount on the price of the good to the acquisition of insurance”.

Another relevant point is that the financial transaction corresponding to the purchase of insurance must be different from that carried out for the payment of the purchased good, including the issuance of the respective vouchers, as well as the individualization of the respective payments, whether with credit card, bank slips or other means. of payment accepted, with the exception of those made in kind.

The Insured may withdraw from the insurance contracted within seven calendar days from the signature of the proposal, in the case of contracting by individual policy, or from the issuance of the ticket, in the case of contracting by ticket.

The insurer must expressly and ostensibly inform, in the individual policy or ticket, the appropriate and effective means for exercising the right of withdrawal by the insured.

The purchase prices of the asset and the extended warranty insurance must be detailed at the time of the offer.

The contracting of extended warranty insurance may be carried out by remote means, in the manner established in specific regulations.

When the extended warranty insurance is contracted at a different time from the acquisition of the good, its acceptance may be conditioned to the carrying out of a previous inspection of the same.

The trade name of the extended warranty insurance plan shall contain one of the following expressions: “Original Extended Warranty Insurance”, “Extended Original Extended Warranty Insurance” or “Reduced Extended Warranty Insurance”, as the case may be.

This trade name must appear on individual policies, tickets and all advertising material for extended warranty insurance plans.

The standard also establishes that operations related to extended warranty insurance must observe the regulations in force, especially those applicable to damage insurance, when they do not conflict with this new standard.

Extended warranty insurance plans may provide for a deductible or mandatory participation by the insured only for coverage different from that offered by the supplier’s warranty.

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