Servers and Security Agent of the CG Children’s Forum undergo virtual recycling of Safe Access


Servers and Security Agent who work at the Judiciary Complex for Children and Youth of the District of Campina Grande “Irmã Maria Aldete do Menino Jesus” participated in a virtual recycling of the Safe Access Project. The training took place on Monday morning (11) and was given by the project coordinator, Jardel Rufino, at the request of the unit’s management.

The points addressed during the virtual training were the Project Presentation; the Functionality of the Furniture (Reception, Armored Cabin, Closet and Sandbox); the slide show of a visitor joining the forums; the correct way to dismantle weapons; General Information on Resolution 11/2017 (standards for armed user access) and Proper conduct in detecting an arrest warrant by the access control software “Visit”.

As Jardel Rufino pointed out, the activities follow guidelines from the Presidency of the TJPB, the Security and Safe Access Management Commission, in order to reinforce the quality of the work performed by security agents and servers. “Continuous improvement provides substantial improvement in safety in the work environment and in the provision of service to the jurisdiction”, he pointed out.

Safe Access is part of the TJPB’s strategic planning and is based on Resolution No. establishes safety standards for the entry and stay of people on the premises of the State Judiciary Power buildings, following identification procedures, security inspection, submission to the metal detector device and use of identification badges for users.

The initiative is one of the projects supported by the Permanent Security Commission of the TJPB, chaired by Judge Joás de Brito Pereira Filho, having as assistant coordinator, the assistant judge of the Presidency, Rodrigo Marques, and as manager the magistrate Michelini Jatobá, assistant judge of the vice presidency.

The manager of the Judiciary Complex for Children and Youth of Campina Grande, Adriana Neves Macêdo, said that safe access is extremely important for everyone’s safety, allowing control of all people who access the Judiciary unit. “The training was extremely important for all of us, it was very enlightening, it allowed us to learn more about the project’s operation. I understand it as one of the ways to improve the functioning of Secure Access in our unit”, she emphasized, thanking

In addition to the manager Adriana Macêdo, servants Maria José de Melo, Maria de Lourdes Sousa and the military police officer, Sergeant Lima, participated in the remote training. “Both the servants and the Sergeant carry out the work in Safe Access with the greatest pleasure”, highlighted the manager, highlighting the thanks to Judge Michelini Jatobá, the director of the Campina Children’s Forum, Judge Perilo Lucena and Jardel Rufino.

The next recycling will be carried out in the units of the Comarcas of Alagoinha, Princesa Isabel and Cabedelo.

by Lila Santos

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