Startup launches free life insurance for those under 65


Last Friday (8), the startup Amar Assist launched a free life insurance policy with 1 year of validity, coverage of up to R$ 20 thousand and valid for people up to 65 years old who reside in any city in Brazil.

According to information from the magazine Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios, the launch of the novelty was prepared for 9 months. The startup created a new customer service structure, held internal workshops and also developed new software.

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How to access free life insurance for those up to 65 years old?

To use Amar Assist’s free life insurance service, the interested party needs to download the company’s application, available for android and iOS. Then, he must register and activate the “Free Life Insurance” service.

It is worth remembering that the startup also provides free funeral assistance to policyholders.

How many Brazilians will benefit?

Amar Assist estimates that at least 5 million Brazilians can benefit from the novelty over the next year.

In addition, the launch of life insurance is also a marketing strategy, as the company expects that at least 3 million people impacted will become customers after the free term ends.

What is the purpose of the free life insurance launched by Amar Assist?

According to Bruno Gallo, founder and CEO of the company, the proposal came with the aim of inspiring longevity. In a note, he also mentions that, when looking at countries like the United States and Japan, the number of people who have access to assistance like this is greater than in Brazil.

Amar Assist is a company specialized in the sale of insurance, financial, family and health protection services and the provision of funeral assistance.

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