‘What if the cell phones of STF ministers were hacked?’, asks Ana Paula


Minister Ricardo Lewandowski allowed Lula’s defense to use hacked messages from Deltan Dallagnol in the PowerPoint case

EFE / Geraldo BubniakLula should be compensated by Dallagnol for the PowerPoint case

the minister of Federal Court of Justice (STF) Ricardo Lewandowski granted this Monday, 4th, permission to defend the former president squid to use the hacked cell phone messages of the ex-prosecutor of Operation Lava-Jato, Deltan Dallagnol, in its claim for damages. Lula sues Dallagnol for moral damages over a PowerPoint presented by the prosecutor during the investigation, which places Lula as the head and center of a corruption scheme at Petrobras. Two weeks ago, the Superior Court of Justice ruled on March 22 that Dallagnol indemnify the PT politician, but Lula’s defense asks for a higher amount. Lewandowski’s permission was debated on the show The Drops on the Isgives Young Pan Newswhich assessed the illegality of the action due to the evidence being obtained illegally.

“It is important for us to emphasize in this case that the messages were not examined in their entirety, and some prosecutors from the Operation Lava-Jato task force stated that there are edited messages. The question remains: which messages will be used? Edited messages, that were not examined, that have changed dates? Until today, the totality of these messages has not been clarified what is in fact true, what actually happened in this exchange and what was the amount. And there is also the question: if the ministers’ telephones [do STF] were hacked, what would we know about these phones? Could it be that the messages of ministers talking to lawyers of politicians who are with processes and inquiries exactly in the STF, would these messages be very republican? I’m not trying to compare what happened at Vaza-Jato with the possibility, but the question remains, would these messages be authorized by the ministers to be used? The question, obviously, is rhetorical”, analyzed commentator Ana Paula Henkel, who also criticized the acceptance and silence of Dallagnol and other figures in the Lava Jato task force in accepting Supreme Court decisions, considering that they may have helped to lead the operation to the end.

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