What is an insurance deductible? See how to open yours


Franchising is part of a branch that has been growing in the business world. In them, the operational method is imitated and taken to a point of commerce. Therefore, this transfer is authorized by the company that created that method and that has the institutional rights over the point of sale. In short, a relationship is created between the company of a certain brand and an investor interested in the service offered. In this way, this service is categorized into several segments, such as, for example, the insurance deductibles.

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when we talk about entrepreneurshipit is interesting to know about insurance deductibles, because you can pay less and have more security, in case your goods go through any problem, which is nothing more than an accident or some unexpected event that causes some kind of damage to the material property.

Today you will learn what an insurance deductible is and how the process works for you to open yours and keep your material goods insured.

What is an insurance deductible?

The insurance franchise is a company that establishes a link between the insurer and the client, being responsible for carrying out the commercialization of solutions for the protection of the franchisee’s material assets.

Therefore, the franchise will be responsible for selecting the services of each insurance company to better meet the franchisee’s financial profile and, thus, adapt each service according to its insurance needs.

It is important to remember that these assets are not restricted to cars and motorcycles, but also to other properties, such as real estate and objects of high monetary value.

And how does the franchisee work?

The franchisee’s main function is to find clients interested in contracting insurance from the company in which the franchise has a bond. This demand movement is carried out by personal marketing and it is the franchisee’s responsibility to create their dissemination models.

Once the customer has been found, it is necessary to quote the service. To do this, present the interested party with the best option among the insurers, not necessarily related to values ​​(higher or lower), but in a way that can adapt the option to the client, such as benefits, payment conditions, etc.

After contracting, the franchisee is the one who will keep in contact with the current customer in the event of a claim. Thus, its role will be to establish good relationships and bridge the gap between insurer and client.

How to open an insurance franchise?

Check out now some amazing tips to open your franchise in the insurance business and learn how to get good results.

First contact with the franchisor

Showing interest in your chosen franchise brand is the first step in opening your business. The entrepreneur must access the website of the desired company and follow the completion of the form provided to contact the company.

Access to COF

The COF is the document that clarifies all relevant information about the bureaucratic functioning of the company and its hiring. It is an important document, because it is with it that you will formalize the company’s situation and take care of other details. Always study the franchisor’s COF.

Assessment with the franchisor

Then comes the interview phase. At this point, the entrepreneur is evaluated by the agent responsible for the franchisor. It is a time not only for profile assessment, but also for clearing up doubts and establishing agreements.

It is not a relationship of power, but of society. Therefore, the entrepreneur must fit the ideal profile for the franchisor, because, in this way, the bridge between investment and entry into the desired branch will be built.

In addition, the business model in which the franchisee will operate is also informed. An example is home based, in which the franchisee will work from home. The physical store is also established to invest the opening capital.

company registration

It needs to be done very carefully, as it is usually bureaucratic. It is the moment when the franchisee will open a CNPJ and register the company in the bodies related to the market sector and create a corporate name.

Training with the franchisor

After registering, the franchise carries out training with the franchisee and its future employees in order to adapt everyone’s performance.

unit opening

Finally, the franchisee can choose a commercial location and start building its administrative unit.

Now that you understand how the insurance deductible works, we are sure that you are much closer to opening your own business and thriving in this area. Good luck!

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