What is Google Play Services for on mobile?


THE Google Play Services is an important part of Android. It is designed to connect apps to Google services, managing push notifications and location, for example. But after all, What is Google Play Services for? Below, I will explain more details about this software.

Google Play Services

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Google Play Services is software that connects apps to Google services. It comes installed on all Android phones and is always running in the background to manage important OS tasks like receiving push notifications, accessing device location, syncing contacts, autofilling passwords and more.

In other words, this service allows apps downloaded from the Play Store to connect to Google APIs to speed up tasks. Services can also hide sensitive information from applications and manage background processes to reduce power consumption. That is, it plays an important role in the functioning of Android.

How to disable Google Play Services

Time needed: 1 minute.

In older versions of Android, it is common for Google Play Services to present constant errors because it is out of date. Fortunately, it is possible to disable it and continue using the phone, but this can impair certain functions of the device.

It is worth mentioning that not all devices allow you to “turn off” the service. Some manufacturers block the option and only deliver the possibility to uninstall recent updates.

Observation: the step by step below was carried out on a Xiaomi mobile with MIUI 12. The instructions presented may be slightly different depending on your smartphone’s interface.

  1. Access the application area:

    With the settings menu open, scroll down and tap “Apps”;

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  2. Enter the manager:

    Tap on the “Manage apps” option;

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  3. Search for Google Play Services:

    Tap the search bar, type “Services” and then tap the corresponding icon;

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  4. Disable the service:

    In the bottom menu, tap “Force Stop” and then “Uninstall Updates” to reset the app to factory defaults — some models may display the “Disable” button.

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And you, did you already know the importance of Google Play Services on Android phones? Tell us in the comments.

What is Google Play Services for on mobile?

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